Garageband Mixtape

by quixotism

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mixed, mastered, and made on garageband


released August 22, 2011



all rights reserved


quixotism Los Angeles, California

'the cheaper the crook, the gaudier the patter'

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Track Name: tweety
see how we run
back to whats comfortable
but theres a problem that comes
from being predictable

we shade ourselves from
something that could crumble
so please next time dont run
and go all in on a gamble

wish i could express myself in a way more complex
beyond trite lyrics and an uninspired 4/4
problem is im blinded by my ignorance
and my vices, plus i dont think in metaphors

its too soon
for me to know just what you are

shit its already 4
am or pm
that im not really shore
cant carpe diem
when i wake up sore
cant really breathe in
dont know i want more
to love em or leave em
they say ive got more
and thats what they see in
me but im not sure
if i can believe em
when i just abbhor
how i am feelin
she feels like such a chore
when its you that im seekin
Track Name: J. G. Dualist
i just became unstuck in time and im layin on your bed
dexters on the screen, i havent seen it yet, paying no heed to what he said

i kiss your cheek knowing that this is so short lived
wish you knew how fleeting the hours, days, months, years were in the same way that i did


i come to and now im back staring at the 'add friend' sign
havent moved havent slept my eyes have been open this whole time

i havent had one of those vivid flashbacks in quite some time
if im to be perfectly honest it was actually quite nice


gotta make sure to not get too comfortable, with that time and place
cause i usually go to fake stages with fake bitches set in a cloudy haze

i know in a way thats sadder but thats how ive come live
cause truthfully, im better now with so much less to give


i loved you so, theres still desire to reunite
youre so goddamn beautiful, just not quite right
Track Name: in(out)fatuated
check your brain at the door
we're here for much more
grab a drink, dont just stare
let go (dont be scared)

"throw your ones up in the air, cause the ones you throw will get her outta"

to second guess this move
is not what you should do
youll regret your inaction
more than you would the satisfaction

see what youve done
now we'll be up way too late
no point in holding back
lets leave nothing to save

lets get going before things go too south
fuck the future, im here right now

its late just stay here, its turning blue outside
just stay and lay here, we'll watch the sunrise
through the shades ill stake claim, and make you roll your eyes
to see your brain so just take this train, and enjoy the ride

see what youve done
now we'll be up way too late
no point in holding back
lets leave nothing to save

lets get going before things go too south
fuck the future, im here right now
Track Name: the throne - Ni**as In Paris (Garageband Remix)
taken back by what i did
im shocked that it surprised you
since i was a little kid
i was destined to climb through
all glass ceilins now broken
my aim it has been fine tuned
i would say this shows some grit
but my hooks, shit, theyre tried and true

maybe i should second guess, throwin auto tune
on a beat with the king of its death, ehh itll be over soon
just havin way too much fun, im fuckin on one
bust an isaac standin on shoulders, and im far from done

thank you yeezy, hit boy, and jay z
for this beat its oh so tasty
now let me bow out and let the pros handle this
dont wanna overstay my welcome with my time in paris